Suggest a Free Content Provider Freesticky Index

Each day we get emails from people who want to submit their website into the freesticky index. We only accept content providers, typically those with some form of free content offer but we will also consider submissions for low cost, unique content.

There are two ways you can submit a content site to the Freesticky index. 

1. Speedy Review and Re-Review Services
We have a speedy review service if you would like to be reviewed and listed in 2 to 10 working days and we also have a re-review service if you are already listed and wish us to revisit your site and review it again.

The speedy review process costs $25 USD and is NON-REFUNDABLE, so please consider your submission carefully and read the section What we include in the index before suggesting your website. After paying for this expedited service using the link below, please email in the normal way using the guidelines set out below for the type of sites that we include in the index. If your site is rejected for inclusion in the index we will inform you immediately, however you will not be entitled to a refund as the payment is for the review process only, it does not guarantee inclusion in the index, nor does it guarantee a favorable review.

The re-review service (for sites already included in the index) pays for a reviewer to re-visit your site and update any information that is out of date, new or modified. You may make suggestions about how we should modify your listing but paying for the re-review does not guarantee we will take on those suggestions. The cost for this service is $15 USD.

2. Free Review Service
We believe in only adding quality content sites to the Freesticky index, so we manually review each submission that is sent to us. Subsequently, with the flood of emails and the time it takes to review each site, it can take as long as 12 weeks for us to get to your submission.

What we include in the index
There are certain things we look for and certain things that can help you get listed quicker.

Content that is essentially just a link will not be reviewed. The content should appear within the webmasters own website. The visitor should not have to leave the webmasters website to view the content. A portion of the content is ok, like headlines etc. but the rule of thumb is that the content should add value to the consuming website as well as being a subtle marketing tool for the content provider. Content submitted that is simply an advertising banner or adds little value to websites will be ignored.

1. First off you must offer Free content ! If you charge for your content we may consider adding you to the list but only if the content is unusual, difficult to obtain or unique.

2. The URL you provide should go to the page that describes your content offer to webmasters who wish to incorporate your content. Ensure that any restrictions or limitations are clearly stated.

3. When describing your content, please make the description objective and original. If you help save time writing the review you are likely to be reviewed in a more favorable light.

4. Automatically updating content will be looked upon more favorably than content that has to be copied and pasted (For software to help you achieve this please visit our sister site 

5. We sometimes allow content that pops up in another window, but not very often.

6. Content that also offers an affiliate program is treated very favorably.

7. We prefer the the sample sites you provide are real users, not just a page on the providers website.

Please email the following information:

  • Content Title/Name
  • Description of the offer — Please also describe what makes you unique from the others that are offering similar content.
  • Section — The Freesticky section your content should be added into.
  • Two style suggestions for your content (This helps classify the content for searches); i.e. Sports, Entertainment, Music, Technology, Any etc. 
  • Keywords (5 Maximum)
  • Frequency the content is updated.
  • Brief description of any affiliate program.
  • The cost of the content.
  • Preview — Provide a URL to an offsite user.
  • The Url explaining your content offer to webmasters.
  • Country Bias
  • A brief description of the content (50 characters)
  • Email address. 
  • The language(s) the content is published in.