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Sticky Business

Ways to Use All That FREE Stuff

There is a glut of great sounding free stuff on the Net. Tons of gizmos and systems that can help your business (or your professional life) and don’t cost a dime.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in farm country, but I HATE to let anything free go by without finding some use for it. Once software is developed, it is extremely cheap to distribute. Because of that, there is a landslide of free tools you can use to make your web site a cash cow.

But how do you use them?

Before you use any other free tool, get a free newsletter list manager and use it to the max. My personal favorite is is also outstanding. Any 10 year old can set up a newsletter. And NOTHING pulls customers like an interesting email newsletter going out every week, every two weeks, even every month. Fill your newsletter with articles from free

Make your next stop at Their guest books are great, but the free discussion board is even better. A friend put one on her site, wrote a welcome note, then left for a couple of weeks. When she got back, she was surprised to find dozens of conversations going on hotly debating her ideas, with people asking questions and others answering—terrific promotion for her site.

The Net can be a bit boring, but I’m not sure all the Flash slide shows we’re seeing are the answer (for most of us, they take forever to download). Consider putting sound on your site. Go to free and record your own «radio show.» It can simply be you telling customers and prospects about your products, services, and ideas on how to better use them.

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