Create your own FreeSticky

Create your own FreeSticky

You can create your own Free Sticky content. For example, If you have some sort of knowledge or information that you think others may find useful, why not syndicate it via FreeSticky and we will list you on this website for free. Anybody who thinks that your information will add value to their website will add your content, this will in turn drive traffic to you.

No time or talent ? Not creative ?

Each of our content sections has a couple of search boxes with optimized search strings to locate sticky content within that category. Simply remove the «and ‘syndicated content’ and free» portion and do the search. This will return numerous sites with content that may be of interest. Look for personal sites rather than commercial sites and email the owner of the article or picture if you can have permission to reproduce his or her work. Most people are flattered and will readily agree ! Remember, NEVER reproduce material from another website unless you get permission from the owner to do so.

Use one of our workplaces to request a global pool of talent to bid on your content. It costs you nothing to sign up and get bids. You can always cancel the project at any time before selecting a winner.

You can get cartographers to create maps, journalists to write a series of articles, programmers to create java applets for your website, graphic designers to create icons, banners and logos to enhance your web pages.

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Let us know if you are producing content in quantity or on a regular basis.

We can offer advice about creating a Javascript applet or regular feed for your content. We can also recommend syndication options so you can get the most exposure for your content.