Suggest an Article Publication in Freesticky

Each day I get a flood of articles submitted to me from authors that want me to consider their articles for publication in Freesticky. 99.99% of the time I don’t even get past the title as it does not relate to content publishing or content creation. Please don’t waste my time or yours by submitting your articles to me, they will just get re-directed to the trash can if they are in-appropriate and after time anything originating from your email will be filtered direct to the trash can without the benefit of human consideration.

Submission Guidelines

  • Please only submit articles that relate to content, content management or deployment, publishing, writing or anything that a content author or publisher may find interesting. 
  • DONOT submit general articles on website promotion, search engines, business, management etc. There are many other indexes listed here in Freesticky that would love to accept your article.
  • Articles that are provided in plain text without any text wrapping and without formatting will be considered first. If there is any formatting, it should be done using simple HTML markup within the plain text.

Please use the following form to submit or propose articles for publication on the Freesticky website.