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Content Writing Quickstart

9 easy writing steps to get you started!

Peggy Hazelwood gives us some practical tips for  writing. The techniques used here to write a letter can be applied to creating any content.

Do you hate to write? Is it a struggle? Would you rather have a tooth pulled than sit down to write? Hold the Novocain! It’s not that hard. In fact, I can show you how to be an Easy Writer in 9 easy steps!

1.   Think. 
That is where all good writing starts-by thinking. What do you need to say? “I was late sending my car payment in last month because Fluffy had to have emergency surgery and I forgot to send the check on time.”

2.   Jot it Down. 
Don’t worry about grammar or spelling. Get the information out of your head and onto the paper. “Fluffy, surgery, worried, didn’t send check on time, had money in bank, don’t want to pay late fee.”

3.   Write Like You Speak. 
Say out loud what you would say to the bank officer. “I want to explain why my car payment was late last month.” Write that down.

4.   Elaborate. 
Now, tell the bank officer more. “Fluffy, my beloved cat who just turned 12, ate a Lego and had to have emergency surgery early in November. My car payment was due November 6, I think, but I was so worried that I forgot to mail the check on time.  I didn’t mail the check until around November 11. I know the payment was late and I want to apologize. I would like you to consider my circumstances and waive the late fee this one time for my oversight.”

5.   Research. 
Are there any missing parts? When was your payment due, exactly? When was Fluffy’s surgery? Get it right.

6.   Finish Writing. 
Now, go back and add the missing dates and details. Be clear about what happened and when. Remember, write like you speak. Don’t try to impress or use big words. Just write it simply and get it all down on paper.

7.   Take a Break. 
You did it! You got your thoughts on paper. Go have a cold beverage and relax for a few minutes. You deserve it!

8.   Polish. 
Now that you’re refreshed, go back and look at what you wrote. Run a spell check. Read it aloud. Ask someone else to read it. Fix any formatting or grammar problems. Keep your page looking clean and simple. You want to communicate after all, not impress the bank officer.

9.   Hand it Over. 
Now, send that letter. Be proud that you communicated and completed your task. I knew you could do it!