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This Day in History — on your website

Freesticky makes 'Today in History' content freely available

Using a massive archive of over 60,000 international historical events, has made available an automatically updating list that any webmaster can add to their web site for free. With no programming knowledge and a few lines of HTML, a webmaster can add valuable «This Day in History» facts to their site in minutes.

Primarily a source of free (and low cost) website content and webmaster tools, Freesticky believe in content syndication as a means of generating traffic and revenue for websites.

As well as reviewing thousands of free content offerings available from the internet, Freesticky create and release their own content offerings from time to time known as ‘Sticky Gold’. Upcoming ‘Sticky Gold’ include «Ultimate Questions» (humorous brain teasers) and «Things we learn from the movies» (a tongue in cheek look at how we can learn from Hollywood) .

Freesticky for free website content

Add ‘This Day in History’ to your website for free