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Syndicate your Content using ASP

An overview

This is an article to encourage webmasters to get some of their content out and about and realise the benefits of sharing it to enhance their sites traffic.

Do you know ASP? If so, it is easy to syndicate your content using a few JavaScript techniques. All you need to do is make an ASP page that will create HTML tags, such as this:
Dim thehtml
thehtml = «content»

You then would simply add this line:
document.write(«<% = thehtml %>»)

What this does, is output a JavaScript file, then all you need to do to get other sites to be able to use it, is give them this HTML text:
<script src=»»></script>

Then you have your syndicated content!

1. Make sure that the «content» section does not contain any quotation marks other than the first and last. For instance, if the output text was this:
Then he said, «Hahaha,» deviously.

You would get a JavaScript error message.
Replace quotation marks with apostrophes.

2. Always add a line like this to the ASP page:
document.write(«<a href=’sitename’>Get more at sitename</a>»)

3. Also, you can add a <noscript> section, just in case a user with an older browser visits the page containing the feed.

ex. <noscript>Get something at some page.</noscript>

This usually goes after the <script></script> tags, not between!

4. If you want webmasters to know about your content, contact the Stickymaster and get it listed in the FreeSticky index.