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There is a clutter of web hosting companies out there and it is indeed difficult to know which to choose and which not. But when it comes to phpbb not all companies have this option of phpbb hosting. It is also a reality that many hosting services are still out there which do not even support sites with forums. Some web hosting sites will tell you that if you want a forum on your site, you will need to install it yourself. This is not something anybody can do. It is not an easy task since it requires fair amount of coding knowledge and familiarity with the process of creating bulletin boards or forums. We all are familiar with using forums and posting on them, but when it comes to having your own forum and installing it, it is an entirely different ball game altogether.

Still if do your research carefully enough you will find a lot of companies offering one click installation for phpbb. Having a site and a forum on it is only one step of the way; the second step is to have a host which can host your forum in a good and professional manner. That is why it is so important that you do comprehensive research before joining forces with any host, because choosing a low quality or bad host can seriously hamper all your hard work on your site and forum..there are two main types of hosting with phpbb, windows and linux. Linux hosting works pretty well with phpbb web hosting. But phpbb forum hosting is also supported by windows based servers, but some aspects are not supported by windows environment.

In linux hosting you will have cpanel administration where you can simply log in and install the script of your forum yourself. Technologies such as cpanel and fatastico mean that you will be able to install your forum in minutes after and with ease. The most commonly used hosting option is static hosting, which is not really a good option considering the specifications and demands in terms of bandwidth of forum hosting. It has happened in history that online communities and such, grow at a spontaneous rate. So if you have signed up with a host for a specific package, and you are expecting your site to grow in size and usage, then you must quickly have a backup or contingency plan to move it somewhere with better bandwidth and space. Or better simply sign up to a host which has expandable capacity so that when you have high traffic on the site the server does not shut down instead it should be able to withstand the growth of your forum.

For such instances you should opt for dedicated hosting and rule our free phpbb forum hosting completely. As we all know free phpbb hosting is something which will end up disappointing you with the lack of service quality. It is said that shared hosting with phpbb is only good until your size reaches two thousand members. When your community size exceeds that you should immediately switch to dedicated phpbb web hosting.