Multiple Domain Hosting
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Multiple Domain Hosting

A type of web hosting is a multiple domain hosting in which account is provisioned so that all the domains can be related to the same account. Best way to save your money is to pay once and get to host all your domains. It has become an affordable technique to host multiple websites though one web hosting account under different domain names and with the help of master control panel you can manage them.

A multiple domain hosting is a type of hosting which allows multiple domain names to be attached and allocated to separate portions of the hosting. This can be accomplished on web hosting services which provide the suitable software and hardware requirements to allow customers to separate their hosting service to be shared between the domains names. The several domain names can also share all of the resources of the hosting service but access to private information is only available within a certain folder available within the hosting service provider’s server.

Hosting options which provide multiple domain hosting can be used by clients to host multiple websites and with some configurations, resell resources and provide a hosting service for other customers often known as reseller hosting. Multiple domain hosting plans can come in a variety of different options. It is important to understand that there are well known services which offer multiple domain hosting options under different names such as shared hosting or various plan options. There are also hosting companies which may offer unlimited disk storage as well as unlimited data transfer while providing the ability to host unlimited domain names.

The multiple domains hosting service provides the users a federal website and different options for managing all the domain names. This solution also permits the customer to park domains. The reason that this is very useful is to safely put a domain on hold for use on a future project. You can even earn a few dollars with the traffic coming to your parked pages. This hosting solution will definitely improve one’s online existence exponentially with time if one wishes to make the great use of what the web is offering. Also, there is no need to create or manage separate accounts for websites, emails and domains, as multiple hosting services combines all your accounts into a single account that will be common to all of the hosting services.

Multiple domain hosting service is advantageous to those who manage numerous websites and have a reason of having many domains under one roof. This service of multiple domain hosting is also helpful for those who have plenty of bandwidth and can afford it to be split amongst all other sites. As this business grows, having multiple domain hosting is becoming more and more common excluding the most basic of hosting packages.

Usually, many hosting service providers allow you to host only one domain. This will help them in getting multiple customers as each domain can be hosted in different accounts. But, this is a loss for the client. Since, any promising internet business man won’t be hosting a single domain now-a-days. They have varied businesses and each of it has its own purpose and targets, hence they create multiple domains and also they want to host under a single user account. So before buying any web hosting services from anyone make sure that multiple domain websites can be hosted in a single account.