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FTP Hosting

From huge Multinational corporations to small home based startups, every business needs to communicate to their customers, potential clients, middle men, suppliers etc. During the current age of information technology, it does not come as a surprise any more if most of business processes are done and kept record on computers and also the fact that most of the communication takes place online. Thus these days, having a web site is part of basic business practices. But for a web site, one needs a hosting server. A hosting server is one which allows the transfer of files, information and data from one computer to another despite the physical distance between the two. FTP hosting follows the same procedure as well.

FTP is abbreviation of ‘File Transfer Protocol’ and as the name suggests it is a perfect solution for transferring files over the internet making use of the host server. Since transferring files in a timely, secure and reliable manner is very important to any business, FTP is the answer to so many of the business web site owners’ requirements. Most businesses make use of E-mail as means of communication, but e-mail has its limitations. For instance e-mail does not support large file sizes to be sent. It takes time to attach a file to an email, and it still might fail if the file size is too large. FTP does not have any such draw backs. With FTP you can transfer as large files with ease. This makes the business process function in a smooth, uninterrupted manner, knowing that you have reliable server at the back end. Communication becomes seamless and productive. Sending and receiving files is only a matter of few clicks for you, and you do not have to worry about file size and other such trivial issues, with FTP Hosting service.

The size of the file that you can send through you FTP server depends upon the storage capacity you have taken from you FTP host. The better the storage capacity provided to you the larger the files you will be able to send. FTP hosting is compatible with all file types, so it does not matter what you are sending and how big it is. If you have the storage capacity for it, you will be fine. FTP servers are used for variety of file types and uses. Large and important multimedia presentations and blue prints of a business plan, all are sent between companies and clients through FTP server.

For businesses security and confidentiality is very important. No business wants their competitor to know their plans. That is why FTP has an edge over other types of web hosting. FTP hosting has the option of private FTP accounts. These private FTP accounts have separate user names and passwords, and cannot be accessed otherwise. So anybody who is not authorized by you will not be able to access that data or accounts. This is a very effective security measure. With these advanced features for security and file sharing, FTP hosting is on top of the list of hosting technologies available.