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Writing free articles to promote your website

Free and effective advertising

I’ve finally found it! The ultimate marketing tool.

It’s inexpensive to advertise (try — free!). And it promotes your business (or website) like crazy.

If you have any writing talent at all, it’s really something you should start doing.

I try to do it once a week (or more, as the ideas start to flow).

It’s writing articles. Then sending them out to be published in ezines (email newsletters) or on websites.

There are literally thousands (make that hundreds of thousands) of ezines out there. And if you consider websites . . . there are millions of those around.

And what do they all need? You’ve got it—good information to pass on to their customers and clients.

That’s where you can help them (and help yourself at the same time).

By writing articles you can give them the information they need to help their customers. In turn, they give you free advertising.

Here’s how it works:

1) You write an article.

2) Include a short biography (telling about yourself) at the end of the article that also promotes your business or web site (take a look at mine at the very end of this article).

3) People read the articles. Then they read your «bio» at the end. Then they click on the links included in your «bio».

4) And bam! Just like that, it’s instant clicks and hits to your web site!

And if the article is published and reprinted over and over again . . .

Just think of the traffic!

Like I said, it’s the ultimate promotional tool!