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Email Hosting

An email hosting service is an Internet hosting service that runs e-mail servers. Email hosting just like web hosting, is another form of an Internet hosting service. The main difference between email hosting and web hosting is that it deals with email servers and not websites. Whole generation having know how of the internet and web hosting as well as email hosting nowadays has experienced with an email hosting service, in one form or another. Popular sites like Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail, all of these sites have become most common names and approximately everybody knows, offer email hosting services. Some private sites, for example universities, offer web mails for their students and professors for an easy communication. Having an email greatly reduces your need for other forms of communication, as email is fast, efficient, free and reliable way of communication and reduces the need of other resources for contact.

Two kinds of email hosting services are available online. One is free and other is paid versions. Selection of one of the type greatly depends on the purpose you want your email to have. If it’s for personal use, it’s more advisable to go for the free versions of emails sponsored by advertisements. Ordinary reasons for a personal email include needing it to sign up for a social networking site or to make a personal group for a class project or to send out data and files online or finally just to communicate faster. Choosing a free email hosting service has many advantages and lack of payment is the primary advantage.

But if you’re thinking of making an email for your business, then paying the amount for a paid email service might be worth it. It has large number of advantages, first is the larger inbox for all your client’s emails. Another advantage is the extra security. You can be sure that your email is better protected from more forms of viruses and that there would be less spam mails. Moreover, there are none of the advertisements that fill up the screen as with free email hosts and it will lead to a faster loading time.

There are loads of email hosting service providers and this much number of services will make a confusion for you. First you need to decide whether to use a free account or a paid one. Check their rates and compare the services available for both. Select the one with the best security features, as the Internet isn’t a safe place for your computer. You can have an email host that is separate from your web host, but there is really no reason for it since the email hosting is generally a feature of web hosting. Email hosting services should include unlimited email, web-based access and administration features. When choosing an email hosting service provider, you should be concerned with the hosting company’s secure server potential, the speed of their servers, the space you are allowed on the server, and the access substitute methods they provide.