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Coldfusion Hosting

In terms of IT or computing, ColdFusion refers to platform for software development. It is as old as 1995. In the start it was only meant to make it easier for developers to connect HTML pages to a data base. But it grew into a complete platform rather quickly. By the time version 2 was released it included a full fledge scripting language. Till 2010 ColdFusion has advanced significantly, from providing development support for rich internet applications (RIA) to fairly advanced features in favor of enterprise integration, it has become a complete web hosting platform.

Coldfusion was launched into commercial market by Allaire Corporation, after being developed by two brothers Joseph J. and Jeremy Allaire. Allaire Corporation was later acquired by Macromedia, which was some years later acquired by current owner of ColdFusion, Adobe. Ever since its birth in 1995, ColdFusion has not only changed many hands, it has been developed and gone through a transformation as well. There are some rather interesting facts about ColdFusion’s journey as a technology as well. There have been 15 major version of ColdFusion since its initiation. Till November 1998, it was referred to as ‘cold fusion’ but with version 4 it was decided to change it into ColdFusion, so that it might be distinguished from nuclear fusion reaction. Version 6 brought the name ColdFusion MX, and version 8 code name for beta testing was ‘Scorpio’.

Adobe ColdFusion is famous for many of its attributes. It is similar to PHP, ASP, JSP but is considered to be less hectic. It required less time to learn and is not that much dependent on extensive coding as many other hosting options ASP, JSP and PHP to name a few. Mainly it is considered a complete platform on which not only supports basic level hosting but also extends to big e-commerce applications. Business related web sites find it useful in particular. When going for hosting, ColdFusion hosting is considered the most reliable and trustable among IT experts, but still it depends on many factors, your usage being one of them.

Typically ColdFusion may sound dreamy, but it also has a small draw back. It is not as cheap as some of its alternatives, such as normal Windows or UNIX hosting. Since setting up ColdFusion engine and service is relatively expensive, it is bound to putt off many people. Since ColdFusion hosting is likely to provide database functionality for dynamic web applications. So before going for ColdFusion server hosting, make sure your provider is capable of this and also should have the capacity for other value added services. One of the most important factors in choosing a ColdFusion host is what kind of support that hosts provides. There is no worse feeling than having troubles on your site and your ColdFusion host is not picking up the phone.

Pricing is also a deciding factor, especially for startup businesses. But letting the price alone be the key element in choosing the ColdFusion web host can be a fatal mistake for your business. Since pricing is important, one should consider the long term cost of having a low quality cheap ColdFusion host, which will definitely be considerably low than a slightly pricier quality host.