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ASP Hosting

ASP refers to Active server Pages. It is a great web site hosting technology which has use for business users and common users alike. For example the security measures provided by ASP hosting are remarkable. The security technology allows for users and business to have safe and sound online transactions. It is used for billing and online shopping in a secure manner. People use web sites for their routine everyday shopping and utility bills, sill this trend is on the rise. ASP hosting allows such a secure platform for both firms and customers can use to make seamless, web based monetary transactions. ASP lets web designers, developers and users enjoy making and hosting web sites which are heavy with content and applications. With ASP even the most technical and complex web sites are not that hard to host and maintain.

ASP hosting providers can be located on internet easily. Within 5 minutes and a couple of searches, you can easily get hold of dozens of ASP hosting providers. Different hosts have different packages and corresponding services also differ. Some of the ASP hosts on internet claim to provide free ASP hosting. But these free ASP hosting providers do not offer many important services and thus the service provided become redundant unless paid. There are limitations in free hosting for ASP and full features are not provided.

On a close comparison of different hosting providers, free hosting providers seem to lack behind paid service providers. Free ASP hosts have limited features in the service as compared to a paid one. For example they provide low and limited bandwidth. Most providers provide 5 MB or 1 GB of memory for bandwidth. For more detailed service and better features one will need to purchasetheir service after all. Free ASP hosting can be useful if you are looking for a startup or low bandwidth solution with limited options. Free ASP hosting is extremely helpful when your aim is cost cutting.

Getting free ASP hosting is not a complete bed of roses either. Since it is free, you will not be able to have your own exclusive, specific to your company or personal domain name. The free hosting provider will give you a domain name which will include their name as well. They also have banners or ads on each page. It is done to generate the cash flow for maintaining free servers.

If you want advanced level options in ASP hosting there are plenty of options for that as well. There are various factors to consider before making such decision. Typically cost and benefits analysis plays an important part in this decision. Version of ASP, Hard disk space, comparison with market price, all are important considerations when buying hosting services. Whether your ASP host supports MS databases or not? Typically a good host will provide an array of MS databases, which is essential for the smooth function of your site.

Finally, if they do not have a reputation for providing good support round the clock, then move on and hire somebody else. 24/7 support is crucial to any web site.