JSP Hosting

JSP is as the name implies ‘Java server pages’. JSP hosting means any provider who provides the service of servers to the owners and creators of the sitesbuilt on JSP. But JSP hosts don’t just only host JSP pages, but several other types of web sites are also supported by JSP hosts. JSP hosting is meant to provide hosting services for JAVA and enabling the designer to manipulate and mange JSP (java server pages). JSP is intriguingly similar to ASP (Active server pages) and it is not just the name. It is also true that if you have understanding for one of these languages, you will not have any difficulty in understanding the other. Although there are some differences as well, but essentially both of these languages work in pretty much the same manner. One of the basic differences between the two is, that since is ASP is by Microsoft, it works on Windows based systems only. However JSP is more universal in nature and is compatible with almost every type of operating system, including MAC and Linux. Thus JSP has surpassed ASP in some ways and provides additional benefits.

JSP also offers some extra or bonus features, in comparison with ASP. JSP utilizes a technique in which very simple codes are merged and inserted into XML or HTML pages. Insertion of these codes allows the developer to make interactive pages. Java has the ability to run on any platform, so since these web pages are Java based, so they are compatible with all platforms as well. So, it means now your web site and through it your business, has wider coverage than ever before. Now, no matter which operating system your customer (web site visitor) is using, you will be able to entertain them. Linux, MAC, Windows all will be dealt under the same umbrella, JSP. So there is one less problem, if you are using JSP.

Creating dynamic pages on the server or putting dynamic sections on static pages, is easy as ever with JSP. You can create pages which will have the same banner but the rest of page will be changed by what and where the user clicks. This has made the overall coding of the web site easier and simpler. This is a more efficient way of making a web page, with JSP. The best thing about JSP is it the fact that in order to use JSP and make your own web site does not require learning Java. In fact making your own web page is as easy is learning what certain tags and codes mean or do, and then inserting them into HTML or XML. The codes are easy to understand.