Java Hosting

There are three main types of hosting, shared hosting, virtual private server hosting, dedicated server hosting. Shared hosting like the name suggests involves sharing your host with other people. In such servers, the users share their host’s resources and have the same IP address. It is used for lowering costs, especially when your web site does not have lots of traffic or other requirements. It is not suitable for web sites which have a lot of traffic or are heavy on content. Virtual Private server hosting refers to when one server is split into many virtual servers, each having his/her own IP. These are also known as virtual dedicated servers. Both of these plans are for cheaper solutions in web site hosting. Third is dedicated server hosting, which is more expensive and exclusive than other two. Dedicated server hosting is also self-explanatory. Each customer gets a dedicated physical server for his/her own site. This is suitable for big, heavy and popular sites with lots of traffic and content and applications. However for personal sites and companies with small operations, it’s not recommended. Full service hosting is also another type of hosting. It usually refers to a package in which the host provides a variety of full range services, including hosting, bandwidth, emails etc.

Java is one of the most popular web hosting options around, owing to its wide spread uses and supporting applications. There are some pointers for companies and web site developers who are looking for java hosting provider’s services. First thing which should be considered is the quality of their equipment. Questions like, are they using RAID arrays, or if they have the latest technologies available? Another very important question is transparency and honesty. If your host is putting too much load on the server and is hiding that fact from you, your site is bound to get into trouble. The type of processor and RAM, and their processing power all contribute towards giving you an excellent hosting service. But what is vital to a Java hosting provider is their back up and maintenance ability. A good customer service is a big plus when you are choosing your web hosting provider.

Another thing that you should keep on mind is pricing. Like we discussed above pricing should be for the page you are getting. So make sure when you purchasing web site hosting services, the prices should be for the package you are paying for. For instance, if you are paying for private or dedicated hosting, you should make sure you are signing up for the actual private hosting and not the virtual or shared one. The same goes for the RAM allocated to your server. Many companies say that they are allocating 64MB of RAM, but mostly that RAM is shared between many internal processes which do not even concern your web site. So making sure you are getting all the services that you signed up for is important. The degree of free and control over making changes and amending your site is also a definite plus when going for private java hosting.