Audio Hosting

Web hosting is a basic need for all online business and even for those businesses which do not operate online, need to make use of it in order to have their online representation. Now, like everything else in IT, web hosting has many new features and services. Making use of these new cutting edge services means that you are ahead of the crowd. One must realize that the average user now has better internet speed and more multimedia capacity on their their machines. So having a plain and simple site may have its uses in the past, but now a user doesn’t stick to one page for too long. You site must have the ingredients and material to catch the attention of the user. Simple text will not do all that. The information that the customer wants from your site, should be readily available to him/her so that he/she realizes the usefulness of your site and the ease of obtaining the desired information. The emergence of ‘YouTube’ and online radios have created an online culture in which a user does not have to look for the information by going through piles of online pages, rather he/she just clicks on the ‘play’ button and lets the information roll out by itself.

This can be very useful for your site as well. With this king of service you can attract and retain your customers and it is not that hard either. Audio streaming is very popular with users and they find it easier to not look at screen continuously and still get the information. So, once you are done creating and designing your web site, you might want to add audio clips to it along with the images and text. This calls for the user to stay on the site and listen to the clip, instead of just browsing on the page and moving on. While listening to the sound clip, the chances are that he/she might` find anything on the page useful and interesting, which he/she might not have noticed otherwise. Thus the audio clip can work as ‘bait’ for your customer, but in essence if the audio clip lacks quality it could have a deteriorating effect on your brand image as well. Many sites add light back ground music to the site, in order to give a ‘feel’ to the customer. Especially sites which cover events, music, movie or review gadgets, cars, etc need this type of service on their site. Sites of bands mostly preview their work on the site, and often have a latest track playing on the site as soon as it starts to load. Since this can be a little annoying, especially with low bandwidth user, they usually have the option to turn it off, somewhere prominent on the page.

One way of adding audio substance to you site is by embedding links to online radios. This way users can use and listen to stuff, while they are browsing your site. Many websites have customized play lists and for that they have audio hosting facilities from companies.